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Water-vortex-light-column SPIRIT VITALIZER Harmonizing and energizing our living spaces The quiet observation of water in nature clears our senses, delights the soul and refreshes our mind. To look at the expanse of a lake, to listen to a swirling stream, or to feel the force of a waterfall - all this helps us to find relaxation and harmony. Today, more and more people are seeking healing springs and other places of power to recharge their batteries and strengthen their health. Unfortunately, we often find too little time to connect with nature. My goal was to find a way to bring the power and beauty of nature - especially the water and its swirling movements - into people's living spaces and thus bring joy and benefits. After more than 2 years of development, the first SPIRIT VITALIZER water vortex light columns were born in April 2003 and have been the proud owners for more than 14 years. Timelessly elegant design and quality made by hand. - Mag. Manfred Pammer - Föhrenstraße 23 - A-4481 Asten - Tel: +43-(0)7224-22323 - Mobil: +43-(0)650-6476500 - Email:
Wasserwirbel-Lichtsäule SPIRIT VITALIZER 1200 CC: Wasser, Wassersäulen, Wasserlichtsäulen, Wasserwirbel, Lichtsäulen, Farblicht, Belebung, Neutralisierung, Energetisierung, Harmonisierung
Here you see approximately the color of the water column in open state with the 7 main colors (chakra colors / rainbow colors) From violet it goes again over magenta to red, as one can see on the video. In addition, you can choose from 20 colors directly and even mix and store your own favorite colors.
The column then looks closed. The color changes from light blue through dark blue to violet, magenta and then red in this video. The cap closes the column and prevents evaporation and keeps the water clean. Now you hear almost nothing. The quiet rippling comes from the videos with open pillar. Enjoy the movement of the water with the wonderful formations of the vortex, its magnificent colors and its positive energetic effect on humans, animals, plants and environment.
Water Vortex Light Column - a closed system
The vortex - a cosmic natural phenomenon Nature is built on highly efficient principles. Thus the vertebra is one of the most important forms of movement in macro- and microcosmos. By fluid movements, existing energies in liquids and gases are rearranged and directed in a corresponding direction. The existing energy potentials thus intensify. Just as iron can be magnetized by aligning the iron particles with a magnet (but in this case, rectilinear). In the case of liquids, the potential energy is equalized by placing it in the (moving) form of a vortex. The vortex creates a "higher order", which is energy-building and life-promoting. The vortex creates order from chaos. From the construction of whole galaxies and weather systems over the form of mussels and snails to the DNA spiral - we encounter the vortex everywhere in nature. This is no coincidence. Particularly interesting are water vortices because of their cleansing and energizing power. Whirling movements in natural streams and rivers keep the water alive. The legendary Austrian naturalist and inventor Viktor Schauberger (1885 - 1958) has spent most of his life working intensively on the phenomenon of water vortex. He has recognized its phenomenal powers and fundamental significance for man and nature, described them in many ways, and made them useful to mankind in many inventions. Viktor Schauberger is well-known in the area of ​​water treatment. For me he is the father of water vitalization. According to Viktor Schauberger, the basic form and movement in nature is that of a spiral wound in itself. "Water, flowing spirally in itself, develops unexpected forces." Nature works almost exclusively with the rolling force that moves towards the center, the centripetal suction force. The "implosion" creates higher orders, is life-building and "ennobling". Analogies are all vortex forms and movements in nature. The great legacy of Viktor and his son DI Walter Schauberger is today preserved by Mag. Jörg Schauberger and his family and made available to the public as part of the Pythagoras Kepler School (PKS) in Bad Ischl. It's worth a visit. Please refer
Wasser-Wirbel-Licht-Säule SPIRIT VITALIZER 800 CC - auch: Wassersäule, Wasserlichtsäule, Lichtsäule, Farblichtsäule, Wasserwirbel, Wirbelsäule, Sprudelsäule, Sprudellampe, Wasserlampe, Farblichtlampe, Vortex, Whirl, Tornado, Wirbelsturm Viktor Schauberger
Function and effect of the water column The water vortex in the water column arranges and dynamizes the bioenergetic forces present in its environment. See, inter alia, Researches of the German Prof. Dr. Konstantin Meyl. The water vortex in principle builds up a much larger energetic vortex up and down. A so-called Torkado is created. In its sphere of influence, all energy influences are reoriented, sorted, cleaned and harmonized. This results in a high-vibrating positive force field, which is even able to compensate and neutralize the negative effects of geopathic disturbances (earth strain) and electrosmog. To this end, we have many reports of sensitive people, radiestheses, but also bioenergetic measurements with physicians. At the center of the vortex are selected vibrational elements that transmit their "message" to the water (see Research by Dr. Masaru Emoto - Watercrystal Photography). The water vortex enhances the positive effect of these and other optional supplemental information carriers (e.g., essences, gems, symbols, etc.) and introduces them into the surrounding space energy. We also received a lot of interesting feedback. Due to the effective LED lighting of the water vortex with special color light mixtures (chakra colors - red / orange / yellow / green / light blue / indigo / violet), additional positive moods and energetic effects are achieved, which are often proven and play a central role in holistic therapy , (Information on the effect of chakra colors on request).
Neueste Farb-LED-Lichttechnik inkl. Infrarotfernsteuerung mit 44 Funktionen. Sie können sogar ihre eigenen Lieblingsfarben oder Farben zur Therapie mischen und speichern. Die SPIRIT VITALIZER colourchange (CC) Modelle wechseln langsam zwischen den einzelnen Chakrenfarben (Regenbogenfarben) Wasserwirbel-Lichtsäule SPIRIT VITALIZER 800 CC - auch: Wassersäule, Wasserlichtsäule, Lichtsäule, Farblichtsäule, Wasserwirbel, Wirbelsäule, Sprudelsäule, Sprudellampe, Wasserlampe, Lampe, Farblichtlampe, Vortex, Tornado, Wirbel, Zimmerbrunnen, Regenboge
Noticeable and demonstrable effects • Harmonization and optimization of space energies • Far-reaching neutralization and harmonization of negative influences of geopathic rice zones (water veins, terrestrial radiation such as curry and Hartmann grid, faulting, etc.) • Far-reaching neutralization of negative influences of technical electromagnetic interference fields (electrosmog), in particular also microwave radiation from cell phone transmitters, WLAN etc. • Proven strengthening of human energy potential and self-regulation • Harmonization of energy flows in meridians and chakras • Noticeable increase in alertness, clarity, concentration, performance and creativity • Acceleration of the body's own regeneration • Sleep quality improvements
Kinder werden von der Wassersäulen mit dem Wasserwirbel magisch angezogen - auch ohne Beleuchtung Wasser-Wirbel-Licht-Säule SPIRIT VITALIZER 1200 CC mit spürbaren und nachweisbar positiven energetischen Wirkungen - auch: Wassersäule, Wasserlichtsäule, Lichstäule, Farblichtsäule, Wasserwirbel, Wirbler, Sprudelsäule, Sprudellampe, Farblichtlampe
Customer feedback The column is the coronation for our house. (Oliver Sturm, pilot, Bensheim - Germany) Our patients react very positively to the water columns. You feel good and like to sit next to the Vitalizers. The column is the topic of conversation No. 1. There used to be a lot of talk about diseases - now everyone is talking about the water vortex. The kids are totally fascinated and calmer in the waiting room. Many of them hug the big pillar. I put the small pillar in the infusion room - that's where it comes in very well. The patients tear themselves around the seat next to the column during the infusion. I love the pillars. When I am tired, in the evening at the end of the ordination, I sit down next to the big pillar and am fresh again after 10 minutes. Our entire ordination team literally raves about Spirit Vitalizers. I'm glad you make this kind of column. They are pleasant and beautiful, just wonderful. (Dr. Karin Halbritter, homeopath, Bad Vöslau) I have both a pillar at home and in my workplace. It was worth it to me, although I am a single mother of three children. At work, I feel like I have more energy and the negative effect of the many electrosmog is harmonized and thus better bearable. The working atmosphere is better too. I would not give up the pillars anymore. (Gabriele Topolanek, employee at the AKH Vienna) The pillar has been in our office for more than a year and nobody has been ill since. The first one who comes to the office in the morning turns on the pillar. She then runs the whole day and pleases us with his whirlpool and color play. (Mag. Wilhelm Wuster, trainer, Hagenberg) It struck me when the pillar is in operation that you can still concentrate well in busy times. Also, the stress is much easier to cope with. What is also noticeable is the fact that the employees simply act more calm and relaxed. Overall, we are all convinced that the water vortex column is a win for the whole team. (Erwin Haider, Managing Director EWO St. Martin / Mkr.)
Wassersäule SPIRIT VITALIZER 800 CC im Büro des Landeshauptmannes von OÖ. Im Bild seine Sekretärin, die sehr viel von der Säule hält und sich gerne selbst energetisch damit auflädt. SPIRIT VITALIZER 800 CC im Büro eines Kunden der insgesamt 4 Wassersäulen besitzt und in einem Lokal SPIRIT VITALIZER 800 CC - integriert in eine Designerliege
I am proud that I still craft the water vortex light columns by hand. It is particularly important to me that the value added remains largely in our latitudes. Most of the components are specially made and combined by me in the house with the utmost care and attention to detail to form a unique work of art. Upon request, each pillar will be delivered, filled and commissioned by me or my partners. Also the shipping is possible.
SPIRIT VITALIZER 2000 und 1200 wunderbar kombiniert mit Pflanzen - 2 Klassiker, die ich vor 13 Jahren in einer Bankenzentrale aufgestellt habe
Create power places - join in !! Whether in the living room, in well-being oases, energy stations, rest areas, meditation rooms, Waiting areas, ordinations, therapy centers, wellness areas, winter gardens, Creative workshops, offices, business premises, conference or representative rooms, in kindergartens, schools, retirement homes, hospitals, health centers etc. ... the fascinates and supports people and environment !!
I would like to advise you personally in every aspect. Just contact me! Telephone: +43 - (0) 7224 - 22323 Mobile: +43 - (0) 650 - 6476500 Email: Likewise I am glad about your recommendation or a cooperation with you.
Wassersäulen SPIRIT VITALIZER 1200 und 800 auf einer Messe Wasser-Wirbel-Licht-Säule SPIRIT VITALIZER im FREIRAUM der WimTec GmbH: 220 Liter Wasserinhalt - 260 cm Höhe - seit 2007 in Betrieb (Sonderanfertigung) harmonisieren, energetisieren, ausgleichen, neutralisieren, aktivieren, balancieren, stärken, verbessern, optimieren, verschönern, bereichern Leistungsfähigkeit, Erdstrahlen, Wasseradern, Strahlung, Handy, Wlan, Harmonisierung, Energetisierung Wasser, Licht, Farbe, Chakren, Balance, Ausgleich, Harmonie, Konzentration, Wasserwirbel-Lichtsäule SPIRIT VITALIZER 1200 CC – hellblau, Wassersäule, Wasserlichtsäule, Lichtsäule, Farblichtsäule, Wirbel, Wirbler, Wasserwirbel, Regenbogensäule, Sprudelsäule, Sprudellampe, Wasserlampe, Farblichtlampe, Zimmerbrunnen Wasser-Wirbel-Licht-Säule SPIRIT VITALIZER 1200 CC – dunkelblau / auch: Wassersäule, Wasserlichtsäule, Lichtsäule, Farblichtsäule, Wirbel, Wirbler, Wasserwirbel, Luftsprudelsäule, Sprudelsäule, Sprudellampe, Wasserlampe, Farblichtlampe, Zimmerbrunnen Wasser-Wirbel-Licht-Säule SPIRIT VITALIZER 1200 CC – violett / auch: Wassersäule, Wasserlichtsäule, Lichtsäule, Farblichtsäule, Wirbel, Wirbler, Wasserwirbel, Luftsprudelsäule, Sprudelsäule, Sprudellampe, Wasserlampe, Farblichtlampe, Zimmerbrunnen Die Wassersäule einfach nur genießen ! wasserader, wasseradern, erdstrahlen, elektrosmog, handystrahlung, strahlung, abschirmung wassersäule, wasserlichtsäulen, wasserwirbel, led leuchten, lampe, lampen, leuchten, lampen und leuchten, viktor schauberger, schauberger, konzentration, leistungsfähigkeit steigern, wohlbefinden
Irrespective of the energetic effect, many people: Anyone who looks into the vortex will easily fall in love with this miraculous nature play. Just as you can stare into the fire for hours, the water vortex also captivates the viewer. It activates or relaxes as required. He centers and directs - not just energies, but often also feelings and thoughts. He makes open and creative. The vertebra soothes the mind and the mind - that is very important in our hectic time. Children are magically attracted by the beauty and power of the vertebra. Many adults notice this and are not surprised when you say "children are much more open and accessible to these natural energies". Will we be back a bit far to kids ... and rejoice in the wonders of nature!
aktivieren, energetisieren, rot, licht, warm, farbe, wirbel, sonne, wärme, leuchten, lampe, leuchte, led, Wasser-Wirbel-Licht-Säule SPIRIT VITALIZER 1200
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Da ich möchte, dass ALLE Menschen eine Säule bekommen, die sich eine wünschen, biete ich Ihnen allen an, mir ein „moralisches Angebot“ zu machen – siehe PREISE - bezogen auf die Laufzeit von mindestens 10 Jahre kommt ohnedies nicht viel raus: zB. € 2.450,
... is a self-developed and manufactured product as well as a brand of:
Mag. Manfred Pammer Föhrenstraße 23 4481 Asten Austria Telefon: +43 / (0)7224 / 22323 Mobil: +43 / (0)650 / 6476500 Email:
The energy from the column is awesome. Whenever I can, I stand in front of them and invite myself, especially as I work a lot and have a lot of stress. At the column I get energy again. (Heidelinde Koller, secretary of the Landeshauptmann von OÖ, Dr. Josef Pühringer)
Wasserwirbel-Lichtsäule SPIRIT VITALIZER 1200 mit Standfuss aus Edelstahl
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Water ice crystal images - Spirit Vitalizer recorded by Dipl.-Ing. MSc Rasmus Gaupp-Berghausen, Laboratory Head of Dr. med. Masaru Emoto
Water crystal images of Hado Life A very special joy and honor came to me in 2016, when Dipl.-Ing. MSc Rasmus Gaupp-Berghausen (Head of Hado Life Water Laboratory, founded in Europe together with Dr. Masaru Emoto - ) visited me and my whirlwind light columns. Fascinated and enthusiastic, he offered me the examination of water samples from the water columns with the famous Emoto method. It has created beautiful shots that demonstrate a highly positive informing and harmonizing effect of the vortex on the filled water. On this basis, we have arranged a cooperation, which i.a. a combination with the Sound of Soul System by Gaupp-Berghausen provides ( ).
Certified and recommended by Hado Life Water laboratory founded by Dr. med. Masaru Emoto and Dipl.-Ing. MSc Rasmus Gaupp-Berghausen